Available This Week

Available This Week

  Year 2023 -- Continued very regular Trips to the various cities and anywhere along our route each week.. please message and check which week different city trips are.  (Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Yorkton or anywhere  along our long route from up North)  

For End of February 2023 - - we will have:
-- Light & Coronation Sussex chicks available - message us for these early start on chicks. 
-- possibly a few Olive Eggers
-- possibly a few Funky Blue Eggers
-message me and we can get you in on this order and delivery!

We are ever increasinly continuing to receive orders in starting in the New Year!   We are a small farm & are at the whims of our birds & enviroment around us & hatching.  The best way to assure an order on chicks now is to place a preorder.   And put down a non refundable deposit.  Certain Breeds may be booked for a bit.  And more orders always coming in -- so if you really want in on an order it is best to place an order and non refundable deposit.   I will still try to update here if any extra chick in a hatch availble for a particular trip and even better yet is  to follow my facebook page as I will list last minute chicks there!!.  Certain breeds we have larger pens so there is extra chicks. 

Important NOTE: **********  I will be hatching right into July and August and into the winter if enough interest.   Fall chicks are wonderful and hatched at this time has its benifits.  These birds will be give you spring eggs early next year.  A real bonus.  Often when we buy spring chicks they grow and come to point of lay in the fall just when the days shorten and the birds sytem tells it time to break as there is not long enough day light hours and the birds system also works harder to keep warm.  So even though bird is at point of lay age they will hold off or lay a small amount eggs and not really get laying till they are 9 or 10 months old.   Thus if you Buy chicks in Fall - they come to point of lay right at the right time late winter or early spring with some supplemental light.  Meaning production out of these hatched chicks at a younger age than perhaps the spring chicks. (certain breeds are slower though like the Brahmas- just slow to mature)  So return on investment in essence sooner.   Cons of sorts is when the cold winter hits,  the cockerels from your chicks need to be delt with.  There will likely not be enough meat on most them for a roaster.  But the cockerels still can be butcher for small fryers if chunky enough, or better yet for extremely healthy broth from the carcass and soup, and stew meat.   OR>>>>>>>> if you have means to keep and grow the cockerels that is great, but i suggest you have a separate area for them to GROW out.  Another pen.. so they dont stress the females and keep them from laying,  and so they are not competing for hens and not gaining weight.  Also must be set up for winter young grows outs as need warmth and not drafts, very important!

Now more than ever is a great time to get chicks and help in food sustainablilty and  raising your layers and ability to butcher your meat birds and know you have food safely stocked up or layers giving you eggs each day.  Or healthy broth from your chicken carcasses (extra roosters) to help your immune system...

PRIVATE MESSAGE my facebook page to place an order or if you dont have facebook then message my email contact on here. Facebook messenger linked here on my site is the easiest if you have it.  Plus my page has lots of updates about us and chick pictures and other information.  Free delivery to the cities or somewhere along the trip dropoff!  Please see Breed Tab for all the detailed information on each breed and prices.  Also the Chicks and Price tab for just the price list without any detailed information.


Visit our facebook page!!!  Always lots of updats and cute pictures of chicks.  CLICK link below ....

Or get on the order list for the upcoming hatches throughout season.  Order list starts to fill up fast for certain times.