Light and Coronation Sussex  

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**** All chicks are sold as 2 to 5 day olds and sometimes up to 10 days. Sold straight run - unsexed  

Beatiful Striking White with Black trim bird & large broad body-type.  Sussex have a wonderful temperment, so very personable!  A top family chicken breed, they will wander around the yard following you and if trained even come up for pets or hugs, as they love people.  They also do very  well in confined pens and remain calm!  Though I still suggest having enough space in the pen as they are larger and they love to scratch amd forage!  If you want to raise chicks yourself and don't have an incubator, this breed shines as one the best caring mamas!   They can raise a lot of chicks at once because of their size.  They are large but oh so gentle with their chicks. 

Sussex are very hardy and have a large, board body-type that also lends itself to a meat carcass for butcher time on the males. They are a dual purpose breed for eggs and meat!
They are good layers of large cream or tan eggs and will lay in the winter with proper care!  They lay one of the most consistant uniform eggs of the heritage world.  I have raised many many breeds over the years and Sussex eggs amaze me in their beautiful uniform shape!  They are winter layers which is a huge bonus here, but as always that also relys on their care and set up for winter.  (proper feed, light,ect)  

Light Sussex often get pushed to the side as a choice of breeds from people ----  as they are not the new fad fancy color or breed of the year.  But when you see this breed up close and in their pen or with others they always stand out as beautiful and majestic!!!    Especially if bred towards SOP(Standard of Perfection).  My lines come from some breeders that truly love this breed and what the breed is suppose to represent.  
This is truly one the fastest growing heritage breeds that lends itself to truly being a daul purpose breed - one in which you can process your extra roosters, for roasters - even in our short seasons!  Of course feed is important is raising the males for carcass purpose!
**There are many heritage breeds that are duo purpose but many take a long time to truly get to proper size!  Now in saying all this - these are not the hybrid meat birds found in hatcheries, so they will not weigh that much, or grow that fast, but they are the true heritage breed our ancestors relied on and taste is supperior with the slower weight gain!  

Light Sussex is also a breed with a very loving temperment if you spend time with them!   They have even been known to come up for a hug!!  Honeslty something very unique in this breed that sets them apart from other heritage breeds! Even if your not out in the pen alot - they are a calm breed and still very inquisitive to see what you are up to when you come to feed and care for them!

I am happy to have this breed back at our farm these last number of years.  Years and years ago when I first started out with chickens and I had a mixed flock, I had a few Light Sussex and when I look back at pictures of them out in the long grass by our egg mobile they did stand out.  Often I am asked by customers what the black and white chicken is in the picture.    And now I have this majestic breed back and from lines that are truly beautiful!  I will continue to work with this line to keep the body type and beauty of this breed.   The picture I speak about from years ago, is still here on my website ---  on the home page and at the bottom of each page in the footnote section!  Yes, even at the bottom of this page your reading, and one of the sussex hens is right up front & centre in the photo.   Check out the footnote picture on the very bottom of this page in the corner or head to the home page to see a larger picture!  Even in the 2022 Season, we had a few different friends that would see our extra roosters and hens that we dont use for breeding --- roaming free range, and would exlaim, wow which breed is that, we want those!  And indeed they bought some!  One regularly sends pictures and talks about the antics of what their birds are doing!  

We ourselves have rasied many many duo purpose high quality heritage breeds through they years,  and in simplifying and streamlining so we can concentrate even more on quality and rasing more of each breed, Light/Coronation Sussex won out for us and our family needs in every area----large uniform eggs, large body type, so freindly(for us and our children), good mamas to raise chicks, clean feathered when comes to processing males for carcass, very hardy, and striking to the eye, good bone to meat carcass ratio which is important now with feed costs so high, and they love to forage which helps feed bill!

You can prebook orders for the New Year, likely starting hatch in January and on. Book to help guarentee a spot!

***** PRICE ******
$13.00 a chick --- <OR> --- buy 12 and get 1 FREE
- Extra BULK Deal - Buy 18 and get 2 FREE                                         
- Buy 24 and get 3 FREE
**** All chicks are sold as 2 to 5 day olds and sometimes up to 10 days. Sold straight run - unsexed