Opal Legbar 

 *****PRICE****** $32 a newly hatched pullet chick  (*guarenteed female chick*)
                     All chicks are sold as 2 to 5 day olds and sometimes up to 10 days.

Opal Legbars - wow what a beautiful breed!  Still a relatively rare color to have in the Legbar world.  A beautiful soft Lavender (soft blue) color with some goldish cream color some of the Roosters saddle feathers.   Gorgeous, I have a thing for the lavender-blue color in birds.  Something so pretty, serene and peacful about the color in the birds.  Brings a lightness to the flock of different colors.  Also in this line some (most) sport a cute head puff called a crest, giving these guys a stand out look without it gettinh into their vision.  Some in the breeding pen are crestless, this is to keep genetics strong...

What do I love about this breed, well.....the color of course, also they lay colored eggs which is a must for every egg basket.  They lay blue to blue-green tinted eggs, and what is even better they lay med-large to mostly large eggs.  
 (Many heritage breeds today that lay blue eggs seem to be small or small-medium in size at best) Which are beautiful but I just wanted to switch up my colored egg layers where it is truly a medium-large to large egg!  Feed costs have gone up a lot and so if I can get large eggs to boot,  I am happy!   Such  beautiful color of Chicken!

AND DRUM ROLL ************* the best trait - beside color, blue eggs & large eggs is ............. They are SEX-LINKED at hatch.  Yes, you heard correct.  I can tell females from males at hatch!  That means you get Females only when buying a chick.  Sold as guarenteed newly hatched pullet chicks!   Yes, they cost more per chick, but in long run you save.  
We have all been there when buying heritage chicks to have half , or 3/4  or more males, which isnt a bad thing in true duo purpose breeds as you can process as meat.  But many heritage breeds are for laying purposes, and then when processing extra males, you dont get a true meat carcass.   And if your in a market this year for a quality pure heritage breed that lays a colored egg they are $14 - $18 straight run - unsexed.. and in B.C., Canada even higher prices.  So when you concider that you could end up with half or more in cockerels-------- then getting a guraenteed female chick that lays large BLUE eggs is a BONUS!  It saves in long run and you don't have the work of dealing with extra males especially as a laying breed--- they are not a true duo purpose breed & dont lend to a meat carcass.  

******Though still - highly recommended from us here at Moving Coops is those carcasses of a laying type heritage breed --- are still amazing to process for healing broth and a little bit of meat for soups, stews, casseroles!  (message me if you want directions for this healthy healing broth full of true vitamins and minerals your body can absorb)  We make gallons of Broth every year from our carcasses of both our duo purose breeds and also our layer breeds.  Nothing more comforting than a hot cup of broth to drink or use in amazing top notch homemade soup, or other dishes.  

 ***** PRICE****** $32 a newly hatched pullet chick  (*guarenteed female chick*)
                     All chicks are sold as 2 to 5 day olds and sometimes up to 10 days.

VERY IMPORTANT  ** You can prebook orders for the Season of 2023!  Highly recomended to get a preorder in to help guarentee a spot! I prefer if you cantact me on my facebook page which is linked in my contact section.  if you dont have facebook them you can email me.  I sometimes miss some the emails as we are getting a lot of spam emails through our contact.